Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Which would you get?

I have an option of getting the Lenovo W500 with 8GB RAM, or the Lenovo X301 with 4GB RAM, or the Lenovo x200 Tablet with 4GB RAM

ThinkPad W500 15.4 UXGA (1920x1200), GMA 4500MHD/ATI FireGL V5700,C2D P9600,8GB PC3-8500 DDR3, WWAN Rdy, 160GB, Camera, DVDRW, Intel 5300AGN, BT, FPR, iAMT, 9c batt, MS Image, Display Port, No HDD return, asset tag, 3yr on site. BitLockerRdy, 6.2lbs


"ThinkPad X200 Tablet 12.1"" OEM Model, Pen TOUCH, Not Capacitive Touch (1280x800),C2D LV SL9400, 4GB DDR3,160GB, 5300AGN, BT,Camera, Ultrabase w/DVDRW, 9c batt, WWAN Rdy,MS Image,Asset Tag, 3yr no rtrn HDD,3yr onsite, 4.10lbs"


ThinkPad X301 13.3" WXGA+ LED (1440x900), GMA 4500MHD, C2D SU9400 ULV, 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3, WWAN Rdy, 128GB SSD, Camera, DVDRW, Intel 5300AGN, BT, FPR, 6c batt, Vista Custom Image, Display Port asset tag, No HDD return, 3yr on site, BitLocker Rdy, 3.35 lbs

Do I go for the Heavy Laptop with 8GB RAM, or a light one with 4GB RAM, or a Tablet with 4GB RAM?

I guess the W500 is best if I want to run Hyper-V (and a VM), but the tablet seems cool.


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Roger Lund said...

Tablet, plus it has a SDD.