Monday, August 31, 2009

First Thoughts on VMworld

Just got back to my Hotel Room after checking in at VMworld, and pretty happy so far. First of all, the bag is nice this year. The past couple of years, the bags have been real throw-aways, but this year, nice.

After registration, I met up with a former colleague on the VMware Compete Team. We walked over to Chevy’s for lunch, and just so happened a few of the other Compete folks were there as well. I was a little nervous when they cornered me in the back and started pulling out their brass knuckles, but was able to get out unscathed. To be honest, when I looked again, the brass knuckles were really a basket of chips, and they offered us to join them at their table.

Actually, it was great to see them, and we spent lunch talking about old times, and how they still use that Memory Overcommit and Cost per Application tacts, while we still focus on (I say we and still use even though I really just started) the tried and true “VMware Tax”, and “Single Pane of Glass” arguments.

Times are changing, but some things, I guess, stay the same.


Anonymous said...

What were some of the questions you were asked? How did you respond?

iguy said...

In a fair discussion, there are plenty of "Microsoft Taxes" on the other side of the fence. It isn't terribly objective to try to "point the finger" when you have 4 fingers pointing back at you.

DanteDog29 said...

@Anonymous, we tried to keep it very up and up, and talk more about things, and NOT about products. In other words we jabbed a little, but it was really 5 friends getting together for lunch. They asked me how I liked working for Microsoft, I asked them how things have changed since I left. It was fun.

@iguy, I think all 4 arguments have a LOT of holes in them, and all of our products will, over time, stand (or fall), on their own merits.