Sunday, August 23, 2009

Private Cloud – Is it REAL?

When you hear Private Cloud, what comes to mind? What does it mean to you?

Is it a “Utility” of internally hosted resources that you can dynamically assign that the services your business units require?

I was asked by someone on the Cloud team here at Microsoft:

I want to know if customers are thinking of it as a solution and if so, how? I’d also like to know if Private Cloud even resonates with them, or is it just lost in all of the cloud hype.

Warren Whitlock has put up a nice blog post defining the cloud with a good video post that simplifies the explanation. But, it talks all-about off-premise. What about on-premise?

Doesn’t implementing Virtualization via Server Virtualization and Application Virtualization internally put a company on the path to a Private Cloud? What is needed for customers’ to gain the dynamic fluidity of the cloud? Does Live Migration integrated with the PRO Tips of VMM put us close? What are your thoughts?

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