Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moving to a new Position

A few months ago, I left VMware to pursue a Technical Marketing position at Microsoft. It was a difficult decision, but living up here in the Northwest, it was best for myself and my family. At Microsoft, I am a Technical Product Manager working on the Integrated Virtualization Team. What does that mean?

Within Microsoft we have a breadth of products that can help a customer solve the problems they are facing, whether it be Application Compatibility Issues, Server Sprawl, Call Center Management, High Datacenter Energy Costs, Small Office Server Management, etc. We also have relationships, and support, from many of our Partners in the Storage, Networking, ISV, Management, Development, and other spaces. My job is to help customers figure out how it all fits together, and what Microsoft and its partners can provide to help solve these problems.

What this means is that I will be doing my best to provide customers with the answers they need to their Virtualization questions. I was not brought on to focus on any other particular Virtualization Vendor, but simply to help with our Integrated Virtualization messaging.


depping said...

Talking about a change of career, wow. Anyway it was talking to you at the vSummit and good luck with your career at MS and who knows when and where we will meet!

Duncan Epping

DanteDog29 said...

Thanks Duncan, I have always enjoyed your blog and insights. I will be at VMworld this year, and I hope to make it past the waiting list into your session, but it doesn't look good. Have a great trip over here, and take care.