Thursday, May 19, 2011

Showing the Private Cloud on the Private Cloud

Hey, I’m back (at least for now). I have been writing over on the Microsoft System Center Nexus blog for a while now, and haven’t been writing here. I wanted to resurrect this blog so that I can keep my personal opinions on one blog and my corporate opinions on another.

I just recently posted about how, at Microsoft TechEd 2011 we used the Private Cloud to show off the Private Cloud in most of the SIM Pods at Teched North America.

In that post I showed some pictures of the what it looked like on screen. Here I wanted to show some of the real world what it looked like in real life.

First of all, I wanted to thank HynesITe for all of their help in building this Private Cloud. We were able to have many different numbers and sizes of Virtual Machines available and they all were able to be shared on this Private Cloud infrastructure. Take a look at the hardware:


I am sure you have all had setups like this. Corey and Team from HynesITe were at the controls, making sure that everything was running smoothly:


And the Pod Experience looked like this:


The Pods were great, and we were able to show off many more solutions than the 8GB POD Hardware would allow.

Private Cloud. WOW!

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