Saturday, March 6, 2010

Microsoft is “All In” with the Cloud

Steve Ballmer made a speech yesterday at the University of Washington detailing Microsoft’s Cloud Computing Strategy.

At just over 55 minutes, Steve talked about how, today, Microsoft has about 70% of their developer type people that are focused on the cloud and cloud based or cloud inspired solutions, and that it will be up to 90% in a year. In other words Microsoft is focused heavily on the cloud and is revamping and betting (1:01:21) on making this for the company. This is a Big Shift for Microsoft to be able to handle these disruptions according to Ballmer. Microsoft is built now and prepared for these disruptions.

During the talk, Steve talked about how Virtualization as we see/use it today is really used to solve the older problems with innovations, but that in the future, the cloud is more than this. To really take advantage of advances in computing, we not only have to fix the problems that are there today (with the use of Virtualization and such), but innovate differently for the future to make leapfrog and enable new and exciting capabilities.


Anonymous said...

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network optimization said...

Interesting stuff about cloud development. We'll see how far it can be taken if the ChromeOS hits.