Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Notes on the VMworld Opening Day Keynote

I didn’t want to do this, I had high hopes for this Keynote, wanted to hear something cool, but I wasn’t impressed. After sleeping through the Opening Day Keynote, So what is the future of VMware?

It was a very low and understated keynote. No excitement whatsoever. I will bold out what I think were cool announcements, and you can read my commentary on the rest.

Todd comes out and talk about how VMware is now this Platform of IT. He says that VMware has 96% of the Global 1000 and that at their Partner Conference they said get the rest. They got 10 more of these and so they have 97% of the Global 1000.

Financial Energy, Human Energy, Earth’s Energy

Kroger, Siemens, Fannie Mae *Customer video

42% Infrastructure Maintenance, 30% app maint, 23% app invest, 5% infra invest

10 minutes in, and nothing exciting or new talked about. Todd and Paul came in and beat their chests a little, but really there was NOTHING NEW. Disappointing. Take the Hardware, encapsulate the OS/App into a “little black box” lift it up and Slide VMware vSphere in there. Now you can push it out to the cloud.

Automatic Operations leads to Business Agility

This could be interesting. Reverse DPM? When Power is expensive (and usually demand for resources higher) squeeze the servers onto a box and save power.

32 minutes in, again, nothing new. Yawn. These are all slides I have seen before, and they weren’t presented very excitingly. I saw these at VMworld Europe, at the vSphere 4 Launch, nothing new.

VMware and IBM “dialing the power down” lessening the idle power.

Creating a new VM with Lab Manager, WOW?

vCenter Chargeback weight the resources

VMware Go? VMware Went…How do I make money off of those people that download and use ESXi for free.

vCloud Express – Fast and Cheap uhh, Fast and Cost Effective

vCloud API – Announcing (again?) this Open Cloud API

VMware View – Desktop as a Service

HP showed a couple of things that are interesting. First of all, they had this storage device and you could pull it out and all of the disks were built in to the side. That was cool.

Also, HP has built in their Insight Manager Tools built into vCenter which can monitor your servers and then if you need to go into their tools (you need more depth) then you can launch it. Paul commented on how this is a Single Pane of Glass for managing the physical and virtual. Granted you still have to pop out to get to the OA, but interesting.

PCoIP – we saw a small demo of it, it didn’t pop, but they are making progress.

SpringSource Acquisition – is this their compete to Azure?

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