Friday, July 8, 2011

F5 Configuration Provider for VMM 2012 Beta

I was recently attempting to install the F5 Configuration Provider to work with VMM 2012 Beta, and no matter what I did, the Configuration Provider would not show up in the Settings –> Configuration Providers Section.

This was the provider link that I had pulled down from the Connect site for the VMM 2012 Beta. It works with some, but didn’t work with mine.

Turns out there is an easy solution. Download and install the updated F5 Provider from their DevCentral site. After downloading and installing that MSI package, and then restarting the VMM Service, the Provider now shows up in the Settings –> Configuration Provider Section.

Note: to restart the VMM Service run (as Administrator):

net stop vmmservice

net start vmmservice

Now to add the BigIP and start some Load Balancing. BTW – F5 has released a Hyper-V BIG-IP v10.x / Virtual Edition VHD. This allows you to create a Hyper-V VM with a Virtual Big-IP v10.x install on it.

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