Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SCE 2010 RC Released – Mid Market Wonders

System Center Essentials is a Mid to Small Market integrated Management solution that combines Physical and Virtual systems Management along with Client Management. It is exciting that this release is coming as now smaller customers will realize a way to fully leverage their physical and virtual infrastructure and increase their efficiencies to provide their organizations top tier IT.

Check out this Video: Virtualization Features of SCE 2010 also, check out the cost. Yeah, I know this is for SCE2007, but still, customers can see tremendous value, and SCE 2010 will be a GREAT Value as well. Check out this whitepaper on licensing.

From the SCE PM

The System Center Essentials 2010 Release Candidate and is now available to the public for download. This was a huge milestone for the team as it brings together twenty-two months of planning and development to deliver a unified virtual and physical IT management solution for midsize businesses. With almost nine thousand customers registered for the public beta, we look forward to driving even more awareness with the release candidate. Here are the new features and functionality added for RC:

· Additional virtualization support: Pro tips integration, Live migration with clustering support, Jobs view

· Upgrade / Migration support: TAP customers running beta can upgrade to the RC; Customers running SCEv1 (including running VMM workgroup edition) will be able to upgrade to SCEv2 RTM; Disaster recovery and moving from to a new server while retaining data will be supported in SCEv2 Resource Kit.

· Licensing: New workflow for purchase from evaluation; SKUs are buildable with correct license terms.

· Agent deployment with WSUS: If a failure occurs deploying Operations Manager agent, SCE will attempt to deploy using WSUS infrastructure.

· Localization build & process complete: Completed full test pass on localized build; Localized SCE MP and integrated partner localized MPs into build process.

So, Check it out and enjoy!


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