Monday, December 7, 2009

Blogging on Because it’s everybody’s business Site

IT isn't the easiest thing in the world, but it may be one of the most fun. It is amazing how folks see a challenge and then overcome it. Microsoft has created a place to help folks get through these challenges. Because it's everybody's business is your one stop shop for finding out about how we can help you face and surpass the challenges you come across everyday. It also shows how IT folks just like yourselves are becoming more efficient and saving money with Microsoft Technology. Why am I writing about it here? Well, they have asked me to be a Virtualization Expert on the site, blogging about the challenges customers face and how Microsoft Virtualization can help. I kicked off the blog with the following entry, and will continue to post on a regular basis.

Check it out.



friea said...

Hi Kenon, great to see you blogging! I'm looking forward to any observations about your APAC tour earlier this month ...

DanteDog29 said...

Thanks, Friea,
APAC was a blast, and I will send out a recap later this week.

Anonymous said...

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